Illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, Classic Roast with Notes of Chocolate & Caramel, 100% Arabica Coffee, All-Natural, No Preservatives, 8.8 Ounce

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About this item Freshly brewed perfection: finely ground to provide optimal extraction with Espresso machines that take ground, tamped coffee. Illy Coffee is packed in an air-free, pressurized can that enhances and seals in aromas and oils, for perfect coffee. 8.8 ounce of medium roast Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and packed in Nitrogen to preserve freshness Medium roast has a smooth, perfectly balanced flavor Remain fresh for at least two years Medium roast, fine grind coffee


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  1. Average Joe

    Produces a rich flavorful cup in my SIXAQUAE Induction stainless steel and crystal moka pot. I went to bed with thoughts of the next pot firmly in my head the first night I had it. Expensive, as things from Italy usually are, but worth it. Mine came with a lid and was firmly wrapped.-EDIT- This coffee is ground for Moka pots, and might not make good coffee other ways. One tin has made 10 or 11 240ml cups which works out to less than a dollar each at the $10.50 price. That’s a bargain for such a tasty cup.

    Average Joe

  2. DCGuy_20009

    Over the past few years, I’ve probably tried every roast produced by another well-known brand of espresso from Italy, but was never fully satisfied with what came out of my mocka pots. I thought I might give another brand a try, and I’ll never go back. I’ve tried quite a few blends promising hints of a cocoa flavor that I’ve never been able to discern. illy’s Intenso makes that promise and delivers. It’s really just a hint that goes so well with this bold espresso. Amazon is having me rate the “drip” version I’ve never used. I’ve bought the grind for espresso machines and moka pots. They also have Intenso whole beans and pods. I really look forward to starting my day savoring a cappuccino made with this amazing blend.illy also makes Forte, a blend that’s supposed to be even stronger than Intenso, and I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t have the subtle additional flavors. I’m sticking with Intenso.


  3. +or-

    Until recently, I much preferred a very strong and rich coffee over a milder one, demonstrative of well into the second crack of the beans during roasting. I had not drunk Illy coffee for years and during the years that I drank it, I selected the Intenso. I recently purchased a single can of ground Illy Espresso Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, Classic Roast as a test to see how it compared to other coffees I’ve been drinking and with an offer at a lower price for the espresso grind, I selected that option. I’ve been brewing it in my electric DeLonghi Alicia Moka machine that’s many years old and it’s provided a delicious cup of coffee each time. The flavor of the beans fills the entire mouth without bitterness or any cloying feel. I taste the coffee and the taste lingers without turning bitter. It is not a medium roast as any other but is much richer and expressive of the beans’ oils and flavor profile as described by Illy. I like it so much that I’ve just ordered a six-pack of the whole beans so that I can enjoy the coffee in any of the coffee brewing options in my home and there are many. I also am now a fan of the cans which have so many repurposes that I am as eager to receive the cans as their contents. As a little note, when you open the vacuum-sealed can, be sure to position the can away from yourself since the contents are under pressure. That’s a small price to pay to receive fresh coffee and at the price, it’s critical. It’s not as important with whole beans, but for a fine ground coffee, well you can imagine what might happen if you’ve shaken the can before opening.


  4. NYC123

    I started buying this coffee after the pandemic broke when I needed to brew more coffee at home than usual. I love the taste, I use it in French press so it is easy to use. Now I got used to it so much that other coffee especially the one you buy in coffee shops chains don’t taste as good any more.


  5. RNCrawford

    Illy makes some truly good coffee, even when its preground. The flavor of this medium roast is rich and smooth and the grinds are quite fresh within their container. Though I don’t order this product very often due to its cost, when it arrives I have a hard time restraining myself from drinking solely it till its gone. I don’t recommend a regular drip coffee maker for this coffee, though it makes still a good cup, using a coffee press, moka maker, or even a aerobie aeropress all produce a much richer flavor than the standard drip maker can hope to make. Another method that suits this Illy coffee very well is the pour over filter method, which while more ritualistic for my tastes, again does way better than a drip maker.Though I blast through my cans when they arrive fairly quickly, my sister is more restrained in its enjoyment and will parcel out a can over a 3 month period. I mention this only because the taste quality of her coffee remains as good at the end of that time period as at the beginning, testimony to not only the quality of the product and how its sealed, but the performance of the can after you open it. While a bit of a coffee snob as far as my buying choices are concerned and typically I buy roasted beans over preground, this is the one preground coffee I do not hesitate to purchase, it really is in every sense of the word, gourmet.


  6. sistersilence

    My husband loves his coffee made in the moka pot. I’m glad there is a grind for it. OPEN THE LID OF THIS SLOWLY! It tells you so in small print, but I didn’t look and had an explosion of ground coffee all into my face and hair when I opened this in the same fashion I would a can of cat food. I can’t speak for its flavor cause I am a tea person, but my husband does not complain.


  7. BH

    After visiting Italy, my husband and I returned to the US very spoiled. We had tasted delicious espresso and did not want traditional coffee any longer. This brand was served by a ton of cafes over there and so we decided to try getting it here. Even with a super low end espresso maker (I bought it for 2$ at a garage sale…), it tastes delicious and brings back heavenly memories. It is very smooth and has a great flavor.


  8. J

    Born and raised in the Seattle area, I was used to all the Starbucks and Tully’s roasts, and dozens of coffee stands and whatever coffee they use, and some boutique Hawaiian beans as well…. But this illy coffee… This stuff is real coffee, compared to anything else I’ve ever tasted.illy smells and tastes absolutely fantastic. It’s bold, aromatic and nutty. No bitterness. I find myself hardly adding any cream now. The cans are really cool too!This is real coffee.


  9. Alaskan forever

    I got this mainly because i wanted to know how this grind looked and felt because I wasn’t sure that I was grinding mine correctly. It was fresh and nicely vacuum packed. I also wanted it as a backup because my replacement hand operated coffee grinder had not arrived yet.I live close to sea level like about 200′ above sea level and I have read reviews on Amazon about the can blowing out the coffee grounds when they open it. I remember that at least 1 review was from someone at a higher elevation like in Colorado. I always read as many reviews for a product as I can before I order it, Amazon excels at that. I placed a new paper plate under the can to catch the coffee grounds if they came out. Then i put a new thin clear baggie over the top and I opened it very slowly. Nothing flew out. The baggie would have caught all of the grounds and/or diverted them down onto the new/clean paper plate. All the coffee stayed packed down inside of the can as I opened it.My single can came with the screw on lid. I will keep the lid for later use as some reviewers said their cans didn’t come with a lid. And YES I was able to order only 1 can!I use a “3cup” Moka Pot and this grind seems almost right. It could be a little bit finer grind to get more richness out of the coffee but it works. The taste is as good as you can expect from coffee grounds in a can. There isn’t much crema from this coffee in my Moka Pot. That actually doesn’t matter much as I mostly make an Americana in the morning to make my Moka Pot coffee go a little further. A real espresso machine has more “bars”. Read about those kind of “bars” before you buy an espresso making machine or a Moka Pot. I think this can of ground coffee is better suited for a real espresso machine than it is for a Moka Pot because i think it would produce more rich crema.I hope that this review will help people with their decision to buy this coffee.Over all i am glad that I bought this can. If you are in a location where you might run out of fresh coffee beans or electricity and you only have an electric powered coffee grinder, OR you use a real espresso machine this is a “Great stand by”.

    Alaskan forever

  10. Cortez

    Quality preground.Started on Cafe Bustello because it was readily available, took a lot of consistency just to pull decent shots from a pressurized basket.First couple shots of Illy at different weights were significantly better. Still figuring out the best weight for my machine/basket, but the grind and flavor are leagues better.The grind seems to be more fine and in general, the flavor of the coffee is a lot better/full. The pressurization seems to keep it pretty fresh. We’ll see how the flavor changes as I use up the can, but that’s inevitable with preground coffee of any sort.Overall, great preground and easy for beginners to learn with.


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