Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix by Birch Benders, Low-Carb, High Protein, High Fiber, Gluten-free, Low Glycemic, Prebiotic, Keto-Friendly, 12 oz

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About this item 12oz pouch. Feeds a crowd. Makes 22 four-inch pancakes or waffles. Our pancakes Cassava-root base delivers delicious, grain-free, low-glycemic, low carb, pre-biotic nutrition with the fluffy texture of traditional recipes, with almond and coconut flours adding fiber, protein, a hint of natural sweetness. Low carb and keto-friendly. Just 11 net carbs per two 4 inch pancake or waffle serving. An additional 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving add even more nutritional fuel for your lean and high performance lifestyle. Preparation is a breeze: simply scoop the desired amount of mix into a bowl, add water, mix, and make. JUST ADD WATER – no eggs or milk necessary. If you don’t want to use it all at once, our resealable closure keeps the mix fresh for next time. Compatible with Paleo, Gluten-Free, Whole30, and Bulletproof diets, and more


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  1. C. Ramon

    I hope they never quit selling this. We are watching our carbs and my fiance couldn’t believe we could eat these. They are that tasty. I think the coconut flour lends a sweet element without tasting artificial. I make most things from scratch, but I wouldn’t mess with this perfect pancake. I will have to try them as waffles soon. Also, they are filling. There are 2 per serving (approximately 4 inches diameter) when cooked up, but I am usually satisfied with only one. I cook up whatever portion I planned & save any extras in a freezer bag between squares of parchment paper. They reheat nicely in the microwave when covered with a slightly damp paper towel to prevent drying out.

    C. Ramon

  2. S. Rehman

    I have been on a keto/low carb journey for abt two years. This particular mix has made my mornings so much easier. When prepared properly this gives you the best tasting fluffy pancakes and are *really* good in a waffle maker! However there is a learning curve to this mix and almost every one of the negative reviewes here complain abt the same thing: weird texture and uncooked center. Here are some tips to avoid this that I’ve learned thru trial and error:1. For waffles or pancakes, mix to a thick-ish consistency and let sit for at least 5 mins before using. Ive found you have to do this when making almond flour pancakes from scratch and same with this mix. Almond flour thickens with time.2. For waffles, mix with water and oil.3. For yummy fluffy pancakes, mix one egg (beaten) and water to a good pancake batter consistency, let sit for 5 mins and then put on nonstick pan and cook on low-medium heat.4. Pls note that these are “Paleo” pancakes — while they are low carb in comparison to regular pancakes, they are higher in carbs than what most strict keto dieters will want. I like these as a treat a few times a week and just make sure to watch my overall carb content on days I eat this. Yes, I have tried Birch Benders Keto pancake mix but the taste is just not good. Birch benders paleo however is so good that my family prefers these now to regular all purpose flour pancakes!Ps. Costco used to have the best price on these (about $9 for a giant pack) but unfortunately for some reason they discontinued this and replaced with birch benders keto – which like I said tasted disgusting to me.I hope this helps you all. Ps. love these with sugar free syrup! Takes care of my sugar cravings without kicking me off my diet.

    S. Rehman

  3. Leah K. Thompson

    I’ve been on a keto diet for the last 2 months. In these last 2 months, I’ve learned that there is hardly anything out there that exactly replaces the comfort foods that you have been used to eating your entire life.I saw this mix on Amazon and it was only a few dollars, so I really didn’t have anything to lose from at least trying it.One night, I was looking for something healthy to eat as a dessert and I remembered I had ordered this.It was so simple to mix up… Only needing the mix and water, which I replaced with low cal almond milk to hopefully make whatever this turned out to be a bit richer. I mixed it and let it sit for a few minutes to thicken, as the instructions recommended. Now… please understand, I love batter… cake batter, brownie batter, pancake batter. I crave it!!! I tasted the batter… Yuk, it definitely did not taste like regular pancake batter. It was sickeningly sweet and had grainy bits that were reminiscent of small bits of almond or coconut. Though I was becoming increasingly disappointed, I went through with cooking them. I noticed that they don’t bubble on one side, like regular pancakes do. You have to make sure you flip them when they are browned.When they were done, I poured a small amount of sugar free syrup over them… still skeptical, but hoping for that comfort food feeling that pancakes can bring.I took that first bite…. A-MAZ-ING!!! They tasted nothing like the batter. They were fluffy and satisfying… They were slightly crunchy on the outside and spongy on the inside. The cooked pancakes had just the right amount of sweetness. This was it… That was what I was looking for. I am one happy customer. Thank you Birch Benders!!! I will be buying these again!!!

    Leah K. Thompson

  4. Lisa

    I’ve recently started to get healthy, choosing the ketogenic way of life as my “diet” of choice. Transitioning has been difficult, but these pancakes have encouraged me to find other healthy alternatives. I have a severe addiction/craving to sweets and this helps a lot!!!! The coconut gives it a wonderfully pleasant hint of sweetness, totally eliminating the need for syrup. With 11g net carbs I’m not sure if these are worth it for those who have a net carb restriction of 20g of net carbs per day. I will continue to buy these.


  5. Jocelyn MooreJocelyn Moore

    For what this is, it’s great. A dear friend once said, “if it tastes good, spit it out.” That’s the sad truth about food these days, it’s so hard to find TASTY and HEALTHY alternatives. This pancake mix was surprisingly good and I will definitely use this from now on when I’m craving a more filling weekend breakfast. Also, I won’t feel like I have to spend the rest of the day burning off a bunch of calories from all that sugar and carbs of a regular pancake/waffle! Thank you Birch Benders!!! (Note: for the record I did add a tad more water and approx 1 TBSP of oil as well)

    Jocelyn MooreJocelyn Moore

  6. Rebecca A. Hoffman

    We are huge fans of this mix. So much so that we just did a subscribe and save on the mix. The taste yields a light and fluffy waffle that tastes so good you would think it can’t possibly be guilt free. We buy this mix for the low carb option and are very pleased with if.My biggest complaint would be the package instructions are for several small 4″ waffles. It would be nice if it just said how much mix to use for one Belgian waffle. I’ve had to experiement both times I’ve used the mix and got different results each time. It’s a little frustrating because I feel like I am waiting mix. I will perceviere however because we really like the taste of this mix.

    Rebecca A. Hoffman

  7. JVJV

    Made waffle with this mix. I did add Vanilla extract, baking powder, little Truvia, egg, and 1/2 water, 1/2 unsweetened almond milk. Set the waffle iron on high. Fluffy and crisp on the outside. Really good. Some butter and Sugar Free syrup and you’d think it was a regular waffle. I make a small batch once a week and when I want one, I just warm it in the toaster. Let go of my Paleo!


  8. Rachel Gipson

    Here’s my fool-proof recipe for easy and healthy pancakes kids will eat up.Get a large cast iron pan. Only. Your results will be frustrating without it. Get a large one if you can. You won’t ever have to wash it. Hoisting it to the sink to rinse or getting it onto the stove will be your biggest efforts so go big. Put avocado oil in it and put it on LOW heat before you do a single thing. Low. Really low. On my electric stovetop that ranges from 1-8, I set it at 2.2. You’ll also need a thin, metal, wide spatula. I got mine at Crate and Barrel.Empty half the bag in a large bowl (we are 4 ppl who eat 2-4 pancakes each. You can easily freeze the extras in a zip lock with parchment paper in between if you want to make the whole bag at once). However, that will take an hour. Half a bag is more manageable time wise.In my protein powder (I use Amazing Grass Glow. It’s vanilla tasting and sweetened with stevia) there’s a small scoop. For half a bag, I use 1-2 scoops. If I had to guess protein powder to pancake mix as a ratio, it would be 2 parts protein powder to 5 parts pancake mix.2-3 tsp cinnamonDash saltDash baking sodaStir everything while it’s dry to get the clumps out, then add:A half pint of blueberriesVanillaMix water in until batter is medium thickness. I never measure. Mix slowly. In fact, try not to stir.My cast iron pan is 10 inches I think. Maybe 12. I can get 4 small pancakes at a time, but I recommend you start with 2 or 3 until you feel confident flipping.Flip pancakes when the bubbles start presenting themselves through the top of the pancake. If when you flip, the bottom is brown, turn the heat down. Pancakes take time. Don’t rush it. Spray the pan between batches. And rotate the pan sometimes.When I am done, I never wash the pan. Just rinse.I only use this pan for pancakes. Pancakes never stick and there is only a little errant blueberry juice I scrub out now and then.I hope my morning ritual will inspire you to make your own. Hot breakfasts are nice.

    Rachel Gipson

  9. EllaElla

    The photo above was made using 1 1/2 cups of this mix. I feel like you get more pancakes than waffles, but you can do a good balance of both if wanted and still get a pretty good value. I took the advice from others and I added 2 eggs, used half milk/half water, baking powder, almond extract, and vanilla extract. These taste amazing for low carb, they aren’t grainy like most low carb pancake recipes I’ve tried in the past. They freeze incredibly well- in fact I will make large batches and freeze them. I’ll heat them back up in the oven (you could use the toaster but it burnt the outside of my waffle and left the middle frozen). I don’t follow a strict low carb diet but I have been reducing carbs due to being insulin resistant. In the last year I’ve managed to go from 221lbs to 172.6lbs. I don’t exercise like I should, just made changes to my eating habits. It doesn’t sound like a lot but for me it’s a fantastic feeling!


  10. Starlene StewartStarlene Stewart

    A friend of mine mentioned she had tried (and loved) this Birch Binder Paleo Pancake & Waffle mix so even though it is expensive – I am gluten-free and I get it… you simply cannot compare to gluten versions… but still… typical wheat-based pancake mix can be had for 7¢ an ounce! Anyway… I decided to give it a try. I bought in May 2020, stuck the bag into the cupboard and kind of forgot it until a few months later bought a pink Dash Mini 4″ Waffle Maker and remembered the mix.Recommended RecipeTried the recipe as recommended on the package a few times, it’s super simple, you just add water if you are making pancakes. If making waffles it is recommended to add a small amount of fat – they like coconut oil. The waffles were amazing. There is a slight sweet taste due to the Monkfruit (last ingredient), which is tolerable when having these drizzled with butter and scrambled eggs on the side. Just two of these 4″ waffles are filling and satisfying (that surprises me and makes me happy all at once). By the way, even though I had the mix probably six months before opening it is fresh and delicious.Keto vs. PaleoFull disclosure, I have not tried the Keto version yet. I’d prefer less carbs, but the Keto version (10 grams carbs per serving) is currently 65¢/ounce whereas the Paleo (16 grams carbs per serving) is 41¢/ounce. After thinking about it, I decided paying less was worth a few more carbs. I see that the Keto version doesn’t contain the Monkfruit so I might like the Keto version better. The Paleo version has Cassava starch, Coconut Flour and Almond Flour, while the Keto version has Almond Flour, Cassava starch and Tigernut Flour.Buttermilk Waffle RecipePaleo omits dairy… so if you are strict Paleo you won’t be able to try this. My husband (the bargain shopper) bought three half-gallons of buttermilk because they were marked down to just 50 cents. When I used to eat gluten, buttermilk pancakes were a huge favorite so I thought I’d try the Birch Binders mix with buttermilk. The recipe is equal parts of the Paleo pancake mix, and buttermilk. so for one serving (two waffles) 1/4 cup mix and 1/4 cup buttermilk. Mix together and it forms a thick batter. You might need to add a tablespoon (or more) of buttermilk to thin it out a bit. The Dash mini-waffle maker is non-stick surface but I still brush the surface with coconut oil or butter. I snapped a photo of the batter after I plopped it onto the waffle iron before closing it so you can see it is pretty thick. Ohhhhhh… what a wonderfully delicious waffle this makes. If you can have dairy products, you should definitely try it. It has been a really special treat. So fast! I plug in the waffle iron and while it’s heating up, mix up the batter. I usually wait until the waffle maker light goes off, and steam rising reduces significantly to check and see if the waffle is done. In between checking the waffle iron I’m scrambling the eggs so everything is ready to eat in minutes.I have the three flours on hand so maybe will try putting together a DYI version but in the meantime I have been having these with scrambled eggs (and grated mild cheddar) several times a week (see picture). Really delicious and fills me up for several hours.I would definitely recommend Birch Benders Paleo Pancake and Waffle mix, especially if you are the only person you’re making food for, the small bag (12 ounces) makes 10 servings (20 pancakes or waffles) so the bag could easily last a month or two depending on how often you get a craving.

    Starlene StewartStarlene Stewart

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